Baby Seat

For 1-3 years old. The price is calculated over the rented days.

Additional Driver

Every driver who will drive the vehicle must be in the contract. Otherwise, the insurance and contract conditions will be invalid. The additional driver fee is calculated over the rented days.

Purchase of Additional Kilometers During Reservation and Contract

Our mileage limit which is set during the car rental is 400 km per day and is limited to 4000 km per month. For rentals over 30 days, 100 km per day is added to your limit. In case of exceeding mileage limit, a charge of 2,5 TL will be paid per kilometer. You can buy 1000 km for  by paying 1,4 TL per kilometer during the first booking or contract at the branch. You will have a limit of 3000 km per month. 

Mini Damage Insurance

Property damages up to 2500 TL in the vehicle are covered by the guarantee without the need for a written statement of the customer and a police report. It is calculated per contract.It covers scratches and dents.

Super Mini Damage Insurance

Material damages up to 7000 TL in the vehicle are included in the coverage without the need for a police report with the customer. SuperMini Damage Assurance covers one-piece damage to tires, glass and headlights. Deposito is not applied to our customers who have received super mini damage assurance.

Roadside Assistance

 Replacement of the flat tire on the road in line with the customer's request, towing the vehicle due to fuel shortage, towing the vehicle due to wrong fuel, battery reinforcement and auto locksmith services in cases where a replacement vehicle cannot be supplied.
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