A Car Rental Guide in Bursa for Those Coming from Outside of the City

A Car Rental Guide in Bursa for Those Coming from Outside of the City
You may need a car rental service in Bursa to be able to use it while residing in Bursa for a temporary period. It will be extra advantageous for you to choose a corporate car rental company that is close to the terminal to rent a car in Bursa. In this way, you can easily return to the terminal after leaving your rental car. You can easily pick up and deliver your rental car from Contact Rent A Car, our car rental company located on the route we call "Yalova Yolu" in Bursa. Because there is a straight and traffic-free road between the terminal and Contact Rent A Car.

After renting your car, there may be many places you might want to go in Bursa. If you are visiting Bursa for touristic purposes, we recommend you to read our blog post called <a href="https://www.contactrentacar.com/blog/where-where-can I find it">Bursa Travel Guide</a>. In this article, you will find introductory articles about the most known places of Bursa.
If we describe Bursa in general, if the county you want to go with your rental car is Nilüfer, you can go to Izmir; If it is Yıldırım or Osmangazi, the road to Ankara; If you are in the direction of Istanbul, you should use the Yalova road. Although the center of Bursa may seem like the City Square in Osmangazi, you can think of each district as an independent center in itself.
You should pay attention to the evening traffic in Bursa. The intensity, which usually starts after 18:00, starts to decrease around 19:30. We recommend that you get your work done before this time and move to an area close to your accommodation. As you can see in the picture below, even the traffic at 18:55 is quite clear. Thus, after your car rental service is over, you will not have any difficulties while delivering your car.

When your time in Bursa is over, you can easily deliver your car to Contact Rent A Car company by using the Yalova road and go to the Bursa Intercity Terminal, which is a very short distance from here, and complete the rest of your journey.
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