How can I make my car reservation?

After completing your selections regarding the pick-up location, pick-up date and expiry dates, your reservation will continue with the selection of vehicles and the selection of extra products, respectively. After entering your personal information, your reservation is completed. Reservation Received and Confirmation messages will be sent by mail and sms, respectively. You can also make your reservation through our call center at +90 850 888 61 16 or our offices. You can ask all your reservation-related questions via the Ask About Reservation form.

How can I know that my car reservation has been confirmed?

As Contact Rent A Car, we send free confirmation information to the e-mail addresses and mobile phone numbers of all our guests that they specify during the rental process. It is important for our guests to submit all their information completely and accurately at the time of booking. You can ask all questions about your reservation via the form.Ask About Reservation form.

I want to make changes to my reservation, how can I do it?

In your confirmed reservations, transactions such as cancellation, date, vehicle group change, adding additional service, etc. such as www.contactrentacar.com or www.contactrentacar.com.tr. Guests who wish to make changes to their reservation should call our call center at +90 850 888 61 16. Or, they can submit their requests with the Ask About Reservation form.

How will I pay the rental price?

You can use the payment option during vehicle delivery at the branch. Click to go to our Campaigns page.

Can I pay with someone else's credit card?

In order to rent a car, it is necessary to match the driver's information and the card information that was paid for.

Can I make installments with my credit card or rent a car with my accumulated points?

It is not possible to rent a car with credit card installments and points accumulated on your credit card.

When will the authorization placed on my credit card be refunded?

Provision (deposit) after the end of the lease; if any

üToll highways and bridge crossings,

üTraffic Fines,

üMissing fuel,

üThe daily mileage limit is exceeded and

üThe remaining amount is refunded by calculating the damage costs.

If these amounts are absent, the entire provision fee is forwarded to the bank to which the credit card is connected for refund. The refund of the provision is reflected on the credit card within 5 to 10 working days, depending on the interbank transactions and subject to public holidays. dec.

How can I pick up the car I booked?

Our guests' booking information is transmitted to the office of their choice instantly. You just need to go to our relevant office with your booking information. We ask that you have your driver's license, passport and personal credit card with you.

What documents and information are needed when I go to pick up the car?

üYour driver's license,

üYour ID or valid passport,

üIf you are going to pay at the office, your personal credit card with a limit of the rental fee and the deposit fee.

üYour residence address and phone information will be recorded in your contract.

What should I pay attention to when picking up my rented car?

üBefore signing the delivery statement indicating that the car    has been delivered to you;

üPlease check the mileage of the vehicle,

üPlease check the delivery time and minute of the vehicle,

üPlease check the total price you paid for the rental and extras,

üIf any, make sure that the defects and damages are detected together with our authorized friend and passed to the minutes correctly.

üIf you are short of usage and equipment information about the vehicle you are renting, please ask our delivery officer friend for information.

How can I cancel my reservation?

You can send your reservation cancellation request via the Reservation Cancellation Form on www.contactrentacar.com or by clicking here. You can also cancel your reservation via our call center at +90 850 888 61 16. Please read the Cancellation/Refund conditions below regarding prepaid reservation cancellation.

What is your Cancellation/Refund policy?

Cancellation: As Contact Rent A Car, we offer a "Prepaid Reservation" service to our guests. You can pay at the office. You can also pay with a 15% discount with the Prepaid Booking option. Even if you cancel your prepaid reservation, your entire payment will be refunded without interruption.
Refund: If you return your car before the time specified in the contract, the fee for the days you did not use the car will be refunded without interruption.
For more detailed information, please 
+90 850 888 61 16 call our Call Center at the number.

When will the reservation fee be refunded on my credit card?

After the reservation is cancelled, the refund is sent to our customers' credit cards, according to the canccellation/refund policy.

Refund: If you return your car before the time specified in the contract, the fee for the days you did not use the car will be refunded without interruption.
For more detailed information, please 
+90 850 888 61 16 call our Call Center at the number.

What should I do if the car delivered to me and the car I reserved are different brands/models?

Reservations are made according to vehicle groups, not brands/models. If we cannot provide the available vehicles in the vehicle group that our guests want, the vehicle available in the upper group is provided without a price difference.

Can I return my car later than the delivery date and time specified in the contract?

We kindly ask our guests who will experience a delay in the delivery of the vehicle to inform our Call Center at +90 850 888 61 16. In cases where the delay time exceeds 2 hours, a daily rental fee is charged. In case of delay, our customer is called by phone to get information.

We ask our guests to notify their extension requests, if any, through the Call Center at least 24 hours before the return date&time. Extension requests will be answered according to vehicle availability. An extension cannot be made without collecting the extension fee.

What should I do when I have an accident?

Our guests are required to inform the authorized persons by calling +90 850 888 61 16.
In one-sided accidents of our guests;

üIf our guest hit a stationary vehicle,

üIf our vehicle is hit by third parties while it is parked,

üIf our vehicle has scratches or dents on the bumper/hood as a result of rubbing or hitting any object,

üIf the headlights or stoplights are damaged in any way.

In the event of an accident mentioned above, theft and alcohol detection reports should be obtained by applying to the nearest police or gendarmerie station without changing the location of the vehicle.

In case of collision;

üUsing a vehicle without a driver's license,

üThe driver is underage/minor,

üThe driver is under the effect of alcohol or is suspected of being mentally il lor as such.

üOne of the vehicles involved in the accident belongs to state/government institutions, or the driver damaged an item/property or any state/government belonging.

üDamage to third-party items,

üOne of the vehicles involved in the accident does not have traffic insurance,

üThe accident resulted in death or injury,

If at least one of the conditions is present. Accident, theft and alcohol detection reports should be obtained by contacting the nearest police or gendarmerie station without changing the location of the vehicle.

In case of a collision, if none of the conditions mentioned above has occurred, our guests are required to keep an Material Damage Accident Report according to the way the accident occurred.

Will the vehicle be replaced in case it breaksdown?

In case of a breakdown of our vehicle, our guests should contact the authorized persons on our line +90 850 888 61 16 and inform them. A new vehicle will be provided to replace the damaged vehicle.

Will the expenses be reflected to me when the vehicle I rented breaks down?

Expenses for the days spent on the repair of the vehicle are not reflected to you. However, what we expect from our guests is that when there is a technical problem (engine overheating, transmission malfunction, engine warning lights, etc.) they should immediately stop the car and contact us through our call center. In this case we will provide a new car and our guest is not responsible for the repair costs. But if our guest still continues driving when there is a technical problem, all the repair costs will be charged from our guests.

All kinds of damages, material and moral losses arising from our guests' failure to comply with the traffic laws and regulations in force are borne by our guests.

Do you have winter tires on your vehicles?

Our vehicles do not have winter tires as standard. If the date range requested by our guests and the vehicles with winter tires in the vehicle group are available, a vehicle with winter tires can be allocated.

What should I do when a traffic ticket is issued on the license plate of the vehicle I rented?

Traffic fines written on the license plate of our vehicles are notified to us as Contact Rent A Car. Our guests are informed about the penalties notified to us by the Ministry of Finance. Fines are paid by us at a 25% discount and then collected from our guests with an additional 30 TL service fee.

What should I do when a traffic ticket is issued to my ID number?

Fines issued toID number is paid by our guests.

What is Mini Damage Insurance? Why should I buy Mini Damage Insurance?

Mini Damage Assurance ensures that material damage to the vehicle is covered by the written statement of our guests, without the need for a police report.

We offer our guests two types of damage Insurance options:

Mini Damage Insurance ,
Super Mini Damage Insurance.
Premium Damage Insurance.

Insurances cover damages that fall below the limits set by it. Please click for the Insurance fees. 

Are there any mileage limits for your vehicles?

Our mileage limit which is set during the car rental is 400 km per day and is limited to 3000 km per month. For rentals over 30 days, 100 km per day is added to your limit. In case of exceeding mileage limit, a charge of 3,5 TL will be paid per kilometer. You can buy 1000 km for 1900 TL by paying 1,9 TL per kilometer during the first booking or contract at the branch. You will have a limit of 4000 km per month. Click on our Extras page for details.

What happens if I exceed the mileage limit?

For our guests who exceed the daily mileage limit, an excess of 3,5 TL per additional kilometer may be charged to the daily rental fee. 100 km is also 350 TL.

The amount of distance traveled is determined by reading the mileage clock placed on the vehicles by the manufacturing companies. In case of violation of the mileage time set on the vehicle, the mileage fee is determined based on the distance of the trip on the map.

Can someone else drive the car I rented?

The rental agreement is made with the person renting the vehicle. Depending on the contract, the information of the person renting the vehicle is included in all insurance and assurance conditions of the vehicle. In the event that a person who is not informed in the rental contract involves in an accident causing material or moral damage as a driver; all insurances and guarantees are deemed null, both the renter and the persons involved in the accident are held responsible for the accident.

What is Additional Driver Service?

Additional driver service; It ensures that an additional driver to the renter of the vehicle is also a party to the contract and takes part in insurance and guarantees. Please remember that, the same conditions for the renter also applies to the additional driver, such as being over at the age of 22 and having a drivers’ license for over 2 years, etc. For more information, please click for additional driver details.

Where can I find your current campaigns?

You can access the campaigns we have organized on our homepage, in our Campaigns header or by clicking here.

What should I do when the Adblue sign is lit?

Adblue needs to be added again after a certain km. Additions are made at our branches before the vehicle. However, in long rental periods, the need to add AdBlue may arise. In this case, our customers can add the necessary amount of Adblue and get a refund on delivery, together with the receipt. Adblue is available at all fuel stations.

Can I travel abroad with the car I rented?

It is not possible to go abroad with the car you rented.

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