Advantages of Car Rental Services for Businesses

Advantages of Car Rental Services for Businesses

Car rental service is a very important way to facilitate our business whether it is corporate or individual, on business trips or tourist trips. Especially in the recent pandemic process that we have experienced globally, we prefer the vehicles that we can use individually more because of the anxiety we experience about getting on public transportation. Considering the increasing car prices and bank interest rates along with this situation, the advantages of car rental are beginning to attract our attention more and more.

So do we know what advantages our Bursa car rental preference gives us? How about we touch on these points a little below?

If we look at the incident as a corporate car rental in Bursa, the injuries of companies from car rental services (fleet rental) for a long period of time can offer more advantages than car purchase preferences. At the very beginning, depending on the nature of the work done, different types of vehicles are required in accordance with the need. Although it is perceived as prestigious to own a car for companies, renting a car instead of financing more than one different vehicle at the same time makes a very positive contribution to the company's budget.

Araç satın alırken peşin ödeme yerine ne kadar kredi fırsatı da sunulsa belli bir tutar ödeme peşin olarak yapılmaktadır. Bu anlamda da firmanın nakit olarak belli bir tutar ayırması gerekliliğini ortaya koyuyor. Halbuki  ayrılması gereken bu tutar firmanın başka bir ihtiyacını yada yatırımını sağlayabiliyor. Uzun dönemde araç kiralama hizmetinde belli bir peşin ödeme durumu söz konusu olmadığı için yıl içerisinde belirli periyotlarda daha düşük ve aylık ödemeler yapılması yeterli oluyor. Bu sayede de yapacağınız ödemeler uzun dönem banka kredi limitinizi de etkilememiş oluyor.

With the Bursa fleet car rental service, there will be no need for car buying and selling operations to increase the company to the top model every year for your prestige. Thus, the risk of impairment of the vehicles planned to be sold and the obligation to pay taxes are also eliminated.

 There will also be no tax payment status for renting a fleet. You will be able to change the vehicle model at any time, and you will be able to choose a manual or automatic vehicle.

Another point that Bursa fleet car rental service will provide you is the VAT discount. You can take advantage of the VAT discount by showing your invoice amount as an expense. In addition, you will also receive a profit from the motor vehicle tax, which must be paid every year. Because this amount is included in the rental price.

10.000 km maintenance, vehicle inspection, insurance, engine oil change, etc. periodic maintenance and payments will also get extra profit.

Fleet car rental The most important issue of companies that want to perform Bursa service especially in the long term is to work with a car rental company that has experience in its field and infrastructure that can meet their needs.

The easiest way to purchase this service, which will save you from all the details that we have listed above for a long time, is through Contact Rent a Car. We will be happy to welcome all companies that want to make a profit financially in our company.

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