Affordable Car Rental

Affordable Car Rental

Affordable Car Rental

Track Prices

Just as it helps to check prices frequently when searching for a flight ticket, car rentals may have different prices on different days. In the periods when you want to rent a car, you should start the price research early and follow the discounts of the companies. For example, if you take advantage of our 'Rent 5 Days Pay 4 Days' campaign as Contact Rent A Car at the time of this writing, you will see yourself renting a car at an affordable price in Bursa with a 20% savings. In this way, you can purchase a higher quality service at a more affordable price.

Calculate Your Vehicle Delivery Date Well

One of the things that increase the prices in car rental services the most is that the vehicle cannot be delivered on time. That's why you should calculate exactly how much you need car rental service and you should stick to this date range when renting your car. Of course, although it varies from company to company, there may be certain stretches in vehicle delivery times. But in order not to go beyond these, you should plan your journey well.

Rent What You Need

The first factor to consider when renting an affordable car is to clearly determine the vehicle you need. For example, if what you need on a family trip is that the vehicle is spacious and you can easily place your suitcases; Without escaping to luxury, simply choosing a vehicle with a large trunk will suffice. If a Doblo meets your needs on your journey, you should decide on Doblo and enjoy your journey. With the assurance of Contact Rent A Car, we wish you and your family a pleasant memory.

Rent in Time of Need

Don't rent your car the night before you set off and keep it waiting in front of your house. If you do not have a valid reason for this, for example, you do not have an elderly person or you do not have a lot of luggage, pick up your vehicle on time.

Calculate Distance

There is a mileage limit that you can do in 1 day with a daily rental car. This limit may differ in each company. In Contact Rent A Car, our mileage limit determined during car rental is 400 km per day and is limited to 3000 km per month. For rentals over 30 days, 100 km per day is added to your limit. If the kilometer limit is exceeded, a fee of 2 TL is charged per kilometer. You can buy 1000 km for 1000 TL by paying 1 TL per kilometer during the first reservation or contract at the branch. You will have a limit of 4000 km per month. For our guests who exceed the daily mileage limit, an excess of 2 TL per additional kilometer may be charged to the daily rental fee. It is 200 TL per 100 km. The amount of distance traveled; It is determined by reading the kilometer clock placed on the vehicles by the manufacturing companies. If the odometer on the vehicle is broken, the mileage fee is determined based on the distance of the journey on the map.

Calculate Your Fuel Well

Fuel delivery policies of car rental companies in Bursa may differ from each other. Each car rental company will take delivery of their vehicles with the amount of fuel determined during the rental. Although it is impossible to accurately calculate fuel consumption, avoid adding large amounts of fuel during your rental period. In this way, when delivering your rental car, you will avoid leaving more fuel than agreed in the warehouse as much as possible.

Invisible Costs

Of course, many additional costs may arise while driving. For example, while you are traveling with your rental car, the AdBlue light may turn on. Although we add AdBlue just before renting the vehicle at Contact Rent A Car, this light may come on again in long-term rentals. In such cases, you have to supplement AdBlue yourself. If you come with the receipt of this expense, we will refund you the fee when we receive your vehicle. Or, in the event that someone other than the person who made the contract uses the vehicle and is involved in an accident during this use, all insurances and guarantees are deemed invalid. In such cases, you should prevent possible problems by defining our Additional Driver service early. Unforeseen costs can happen to anyone. The way to prevent this is to read the terms of use and the contract carefully when signing a contract with your car rental company.
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