Enjoy Uludağ with Contact

Enjoy Uludağ with Contact

Uludağ is a popular destination for winter tourism visitors from all over Turkey, especially those living in Bursa, in these periods when winter tourism is also slowly opening up. It will be harder and harder to find a place for Uludag ski resorts, hotels and restaurants, which offer a very easy transportation opportunity for those living in Bursa.

Many people have already booked hotels quite early. Uludag offers a wide range of opportunities to people who will take a vacation, as it is a popular holiday destination. The experienced managers of the hotels here anticipate all your needs and show maximum effort for your comfort. When you decide to have a holiday in Uludağ, all you have to do is find a hotel that fits your budget and if you want to rent a car, call Contact Rent A Car.

Even if you do not have accommodation, you can participate in many activities by going daily in Uludağ. Uludag, which you can easily reach thanks to the daily car rental service, has quite a number of points where you can ski. If you are busy with professional ski sports, the steep slopes of Uludağ may appeal to you. You can get all the equipment from the shops here and you can do your skiing safely.

Of course, you don't have to go to Uludağ to ski. You may want to enjoy the sausage bread you will eat here and a small table you will set up with your friends. Uludağ also appeals to people with such tastes. You can enjoy a perfect day by taking your friends with you with your daily rental car. We are happy to make a small contribution to your holiday with the savings you will make thanks to our 5 Days Rent 4 Days campaign.

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