Important ski resorts for winter holidays

Important ski resorts for winter holidays
Hello to winter and the ski season: 5 ski resorts with the most beautiful slopes

As the winter season continues to show its face, ski resorts are among the first travel destinations that come to mind. Enjoying the view with plenty of oxygenated air and a warm drink in a white landscape is a pleasure imagined by most of us. Uludağ ranks first with its charm and activities that defy years, as there are many ski resorts in our country where you can enjoy this pleasure. Rent a car You can easily go to Turkey's most popular ski resorts with your fully-equipped car you rent from Contact Rent A Car, a brand in Bursa, and turn your weekend into a wonderful holiday. 

The Peak of Fun: Uludağ/Bursa 

Uludag, the first name that comes to mind when skiing is mentioned in Turkey, offers a unique holiday pleasure to both history lovers, sportsmen and ski lovers with its historical background that has been the subject of many TV series and movies in the past and its structure consisting of a total of 20 tracks in 2 regions. Whether you go snowboarding or skiing or go on safari with snowmobiles, a different experience and fun will be waiting for you. 

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In Uludag, where entertainment and sports are spread over a wide area, you can enjoy entertainment by skiing on the slopes during the day and at night at events organized by the facilities with various concepts. I am also sure that you will never be able to say no to the pleasure of barbecued sausage, especially on cold nights. 


Address of professionals:  Palandöken/Erzurum
Erzurum Palandöken ski center is the second name that comes to mind in Turkey's winter sports. It is a ski center right next to the city center with an altitude of 3185 m and 22 tracks, two of which are olympic. It hosted the Winter Olympics held between universities in 2011 and is one of the regions where the ski season is intense. Especially in the world, it makes a name for itself with its snow feature that does not deteriorate.
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A meeting point for those who want to go on vacation and skiing: Erciyes/Kayseri
henever you go to Erciyes, the most important holiday center of Kayseri, in winter, you can find snow. Erciyes Ski Center, which has 34 pistes in a wide area, also includes the longest chairlift lines. The slopes with slopes of 10% and 50% offer an advantageous opportunity for both beginner skiers and professionals. The center, which is regularly maintained throughout the season and offers accommodation with its facilities, is a different stopping point for holidaymakers.

An escape point for those living in a crowded city: Kartalkaya/Bolu
Especially in Marmara and the western region of our country, when silence and peace are mentioned, Bolu comes to mind first. Moreover, if the season is winter, Kartalkaya Ski Center, the favorite of Bolu, is among our indispensable choices. The center, which has 25 tracks, is the meeting point of snowboard and ski lovers, according to different difficulty levels. Bursa is among the places to go daily with daily car rental service from Bursa. 

A place for day skiing :Kartepe/Kocaeli

Another of the closest ski resorts to Istanbul is Kartepe Ski Resort. It is a very attractive place for those who want to ski for the day. Although the ski season lasts shorter than in other centers, it is the reason of choice of many ski lovers in limited times. The center has an indispensable structure, especially for beginners in ski training. 

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