Bursa Travel Guide

Bursa Travel Guide
Bursa Travel Guide

With its magnificent history and lush nature, Bursa is one of the leading cities to visit in Turkey. Actually, you have many reasons to visit Bursa. One of the rare cities where you can live together both in winter and in summer is Bursa. The most important thing you need to discover this beauty is to have a car. In order to reach each of these beauties, Contact Rent a Car invites you to explore all the beauties of Bursa

Grand Mosque

 After getting Bursa car rental service from Contact Rent a Car, Grand Mosque is the first place among the first places to go. The Great Mosque, one of the biggest symbols of Bursa, was built by Yıldırım Bayezid in 1400, and has a structure architecturally different from other mosques in Turkey with its 20 domes sitting on twelve large four-pointed paye. You will not want to get out of it for a long time with the fountain inside and the magnificent atmosphere and divine peace given by the history. Thanks to the transportation comfort you provide with Bursa car rental service and being located on Atatürk Avenue in the center of the city, its transportation is very comfortable.

Khans Area

Khans Area, located close to the Great Mosque, is one of the second popular points that visitors should definitely visit. Being the heart of Bursa trade, in 1492, II. Built by Bayezid, located between Deci Orhan Bey Mosque and the Great Mosque, the Hanlar District is the most developed center of silk, towel and textile trade, the symbol of Bursa.


Koza Han is always ready to welcome you with the texture of history if you want to take a short break, have a hot or cold drink and relax in the center of the city that you can easily reach with BURSA car rental. Kozahan, which is also located within the Innar District, has a total of 95 rooms, including 50 on the upper floor consisting of cut stones and 45 on the lower floor. Nowadays, all of these rooms serve as shops and meet the needs of visitors. If you want to buy a gift or a souvenir from Bursa, the authentic shops in Kozahan may be just for you. 

Grand Bazaar

 The Grand Bazaar, which is also located in the hanlar district and is very similar to the grand bazaar in Istanbul, is a historical area built by Orhan Gazi. In the part entered by Ulucami, you will be greeted first by the Sarrafçiler (gold shops). There are many clothing, shoes, dowry, etc. shops where you can shop in a long area located in the continuation. The grand bazaar, which also includes the Sahafs, Akatars, Ivaz Pasha, Weasel, Sipahis, and Old Bakirciler bazaars, has a very significant share in Bursa's trade with its 130 shops. 


By turning our route a little more into history (Bursa car rental), we can reach Tophane, where the Osmangazi and Orhangazi Mausoleums are located, with our car. Bursa is the first capital of the Ottoman Empire, and the mausoleums of Osman Bey, the founder of the Ottoman Empire, and his son Orhan Bey are located in Tophane. The bodies of Orhan Gazi himself, his wife, and their children, as well as Yildirim Bayezid and 2. The tombs of Bayezid's sons are also located here .

In this large garden with a magnificent view of Bursa, the mausoleums and history are intertwined. the Clock Tower with a wooden staircase with 89 steps, built in 1906, has been used as the city's fire tower for many years. The interior of this historic building is currently not open to visitors. The Clock Tower, which has a magnificent view in this magnificent garden with a magnificent view, leaves an exquisite image for the night with its lighting work. 


 Another important area where you can use bursa car rental service is Mudanya. Again, history and sea pleasure are intertwined in this beautiful resort. After you inhale the smell of history in the Armistice building, it will be a great pleasure for you to examine the different textures of historical houses on the coast in the immaculate air of Mudanya. 
In Mudanya, which has a walking area along the coast, a coffee or tea by the sea will take your tiredness and invite you to dream completely different dreams. 

Enjoy the city with Contact!

There are so many history and places to visit that we haven't mentioned yet that maybe days are not enough to tell about Bursa. The first thing you need to do to explore Bursa to the fullest, start from one corner and go to the other corner, is to stop by Contact Rent a Car. Contact Rent a Car, an expert brand in Bursa daily car rental and Bursa car rental prices, is waiting for its guests with its perfect service understanding. 

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