The Most Beautiful Camping Places

The Most Beautiful Camping Places

 The most beautiful camping spots in Turkey

As everyone knows, Turkey is a unique country full of natural beauties with all the shades of green and blue.There are national parks, ruins, historical museums, blue flag beaches and many unique beauties in every region of our country. If you are one of those who like to explore new places and go camping, you are very lucky. You can enjoy camping in the sea, forest or mountain with the car rental service of Contact Rent a Car.

. After completing the Bursa car rental service and setting up your time for camping, it's time to ask “Where will I camp?" he comes to the question. In this sense, hundreds of alternatives will be waiting for you. If you want, now let's talk a little about the most beautiful camping places in our country.

Yedigöller National Park

If you want to direct your route in the direction of the Black Sea and Bolu, the first thing that comes to mind is the Yedigöller National Park. Bursa and Istanbul residents are among the reasons for choosing due to the fact that it is located in a location dec from the noise of the city but close to the city. It has a natural beauty that amazes him with its exquisite nature. The National Park, which has 7 lakes including Buyukgol, Seringol, Deringol, Nazligol, Kucukgol, Incegol and Sazligol, is one of the most beautiful places where tents can be set up and camping can be done. It is an indispensable address for those who want to take wonderful nature photos.

Maldives of Turkey: Salda

Salda  lake, known as the Maldives of Turkey, attracts the attention of camping lovers with its white sand and azure water. After purchasing Bursa car rental service with your family from Contact Rent a Car, a magnificent natural wonder will be waiting for you.

Salda lake is located in the Burdur province of our country. while tents are free to set up in all areas until 2021, they are protected by the state due to environmental damage and camping is now allowed in certain areas. The lake experiences very frequent color changes due to the minerals contained in it. In this case, it will allow your camp to turn into a visual feast.

The pearl of Antalya is Olympos

If we turn our route a little further south, Olympos will be waiting for camp lovers with its natural beauty. Olympos, one of the most preferred holiday destinations in Antalya, is located on the Lycian Way. As it is known on the Likta Road, it is a mountain route that gives great experiences to all travelers and trekkers. With its many paid and free camping areas, Olimpos will make your camping adventure from Bursa to Antalya even more enjoyable with Bursa car rental service.

The new favorite of Alacati: Delikli Koy
One of the most preferred holiday destinations of the Aegean Region is Alaçatı. Alacati, which has a boutique understanding of accommodation, also offers holiday lovers the choice of camping with the Delikli Koy, which has recently been mentioned a lot in its name. Delikli Koy has become one of the favorite places for day decationers as well as campers who want to stay. Due to the fact that there are not many residential facilities around it, it provides campers with a more calm and peaceful environment. Delikli Koy will be waiting for you to watch the most beautiful sunrise and the most beautiful sunset.

Akyaka Koyu with ice-cold water

If your preference is summer in Akyaka, which has the most beautiful forested areas of Muğla, you can reduce the effect of hot weather by leaving yourself in ice-cold water. I am sure that you will have a wonderful camping experience among the dense and tall forest trees with water that will refresh you decently. In this area, you can only set up tents in campsites and stay alone with nature.

Navigate your route with Contact !

It is actually impossible to describe all the beautiful campgrounds located in many parts of our country, all of which are different from each other. But of course, it is up to you, dear campers, to see all these natural beauties and discover new places. The most important thing you will need for this is a loyal companion for you! When choosing your way out, always try to contact an agent who works with a seamless service understanding. In this sense, Contact Rent a Car, which is a brand in Bursa Car rental, Bursa daily car rental and Bursa monthly car rental services that we can offer you in this sense, will be the only name.

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