Things to Consider in Daily Car Rental

Things to Consider in Daily Car Rental
Things to Consider While Renting a Daily Car

Company's Reliability

Of course, it is important that the company you will rent a daily car has been operating for many years. Nevertheless, although many companies have been operating in the sector for many years, we hear many times that there are problems with the service received from these companies. The first method of testing a firm's credibility is its approach to you. The clearer the company's transparency principle is, the higher the company's reliability can be. Contact Rent a Car has approached every customer with the same meticulousness and transparency since 2010. It continues to improve itself with the suggestion forms it constantly requests from its customers. While renting a car from our company, which provides professional car rental services to hundreds of corporate companies with the huge number of vehicles, we make the necessary suggestions for you to read and understand all kinds of contracts and to sign them.

Checking the Warehouse

Some car rental companies deliver the fuel as full and receive it as full; some also deliver with empty warehouse and receive in the same way. These are practical solutions that protect the rights of both the customer and the daily car rental company. Contact Rent A Car delivers the warehouse empty and receives the warehouse empty again. Do not forget to check and confirm the condition of the warehouse just before you take your vehicle in.

Vehicle Insurance

The person receiving the rental service is responsible for the damages that occur in the vehicles that are not insured. Before renting a car, make sure to inquire yourself whether the car has insurance.

Mileage Restriction

As you can appreciate, after traveling a certain kilometer during the day, deficiencies begin to appear in our perceptions and attention. Accordingly, a proportional increase in accidents is observed. For this reason, car rental companies may impose limits on daily vehicle use on a kilometer basis. Make sure to ask the company that you will get daily car rental service if there is a daily mileage quota. Contact Rent A Car has also limited the daily use of its rental cars in order to protect the health of its customers. Our mileage limit determined during car rental is 400 km per day and is limited to 3000 km per month. For rentals over 30 days, 100 km per day is added to your limit. If the kilometer limit is exceeded, a fee of 2 TL is charged per kilometer. You can buy 1000 km for 1000 TL by paying 1 TL per kilometer during the first reservation or contract at the branch. You will have a limit of 5000 km per month.

Be Sure to Read the Agreement

Of course, the biggest power that protects the rights of customers and companies in car rental services is the contract. These contracts should be professionally prepared and approved by the relevant law firms. Each contract is prepared and registered specifically for the company.

Do not forget to check the delivery date of the vehicle on the contract. Do not neglect to check the amount you paid for the rental and extras, and any defects and damages, if any, with an authorized employee. At Contact Rent A Car, we have contracts written by lawyers who are the pioneers of their profession and protect the rights of our customers. In this way, we have been providing service without any problems since 2010.
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