Terms & Conditions

A-With this vehicle delivery form, the vehicle delivery area, the vehicle form with the qualifications and license plate written on the owner's license plate and the vehicles october in the annex were delivered.

B-1) The delivering, convict or operating right vehicle will be used definitively in the delivery form with the registration of compliance with the songs specified below. The delivery person declares and accepts that the vehicle is safe, undamaged and has all kinds of decapitations by checking and inspecting the vehicle first. In addition, the spare tire, spare wheel, jack, all the necessary equipment that must be present in the vehicle in accordance with the traffic legislation of highways, radio equipment in excellent working condition, relevant documents (license, map, etc.) with every fulu accessory available. The delivery person has also received all these documents belonging to the count and the person who registered the property together with the vehicle.

2) The delivery recipient will return the vehicle and its delivery october the day and time of receipt, at the place of receipt, but without the need for a high warning or notice at the place where he notified and received confirmation, provided that he received confirmation of the received letter and paid additional fees.

3) The delivery area cannot use the vehicle for the following purposes and styles with high precision. Olsa3 free of charge. it is not available to individuals. The responsibility of those who will arise from these types of uses is only accepted and confirmed by the fact that they will be their own.

I-The laws of silver and other T.C in accordance with the law, the carriage of each tour item that is said to be a crime, as well as in other non-legal cases,
II-Towing and pushing of another vehicle or moving or non-moving objects without the permission of the delivery, or lifting it.
lll- Racing, speed determination, rally, health test and motor sports, as well as normal traffic on closed and unsuitable roads
IV-The number of roads determined by the traffic rules is higher than the number of roads, regardless of the way the road is high outside the garage and the goods are in stone
Regardless of the form of V-Payment, the use of a style in accordance with the traffic code of airlines and other regulatory highs, delivered in front of passengers or goods, regardless of whether written or oral expression, has received the vehicle and is subject to attention and caution with up to ten rounds.

4) If you have reached the age of 22 of the delivery area, you must provide a driver's license of at least 2 years of place or nation. 3. Except as specified in this form, the delivery person is the means of written confirmation of the delivered. it is not available to individuals. 3. He will use the vehicle if the consent is given. all information related to the ID, driver's license and address of the person is signed up on the delivery form upon delivery. Otherwise, both the Insurances are invalid and the deposit of the delivered person determined in accordance with Article C can be recorded in irat.

5) The delivery area is requested to be parked closed and locked in a way that will ensure the safety of all types of vehicles. Any damage caused by work or any damage shall be compensated for all damages caused by the delivered vehicle, as well as until the vehicle is ready for a new lease, regardless of the need for an ihbar or ihtar at the rental waist calculated at the current rental promise price of the surah (up to 45 days).

6) Official documents of the vehicle (license-plate, etc.) inside the delivered vehicle.) in the works performed, the time that will elapse until they are found or a new one is removed must be paid at the rental price calculated on the current lease agreement price and at the cost of receiving new ones, regardless of the loss of documents.

7) If the vehicle is confiscated by the competent authorities due to any incident, with or without a defect of the delivery area, the delivery person must be notified immediately. In addition, the expenses for his return and for his entry into Türlü belong to him. The deliverer is obliged to fully cover the daily loss on the current date on the day of the rental in order to ensure that it will pass at a late delivery caused by the defect of the deliverer.

8) Periodic inspection of the vehicle (lubrication, oil change, etc.) within a short period of time from the delivery area. as such) the name of the deliverer will be made on his own in the face of the invoices he receives. Of course, the repair, spare parts and final replacement costs incurred at the end of use and obsolescence belong to the one who has been delivered. In turn, the costs of repairs, spare parts and tire replacements made as a result of an unusual use or accident, damage and damage caused by freezing, as well as transportation expenses incurred to bring the vehicle to the place of delivery if it cannot move as a result of similar events, also belong to it and will collect damages that the delivering vehicle will incur due to listening from the user who may require minor repairs in the outback of the delivery person. The invoice(s) issued on behalf of the vehicle owner will be paid for its use.

9) Gasoline belongs to the product use.

10) delivery of the field itself or on the side of the head before or after delivery of the vehicle or within the period of use of the vehicle after any liability which may arise out of any injury, loss and Malin is being moved, including related costs has released pisinen delivered,

11) One-day use time is 24 hours. Weekly or monthly usage periods can be calculated over 7 Days and 30 days.

12) It is necessary to have a preliminary determination at any time of delivery, without having to show a reason for the delivery to pay compensation, it is possible to extend the surah, as it will be terminated immediately. In case of refund, it is difficult to make a complete form with the form of delivery of the used vehicle to the vehicle owner immediately. In case of violation of this obligation, the delivery person undertakes that the car owner will immediately compensate for any damage, regardless of the need for a notification or a hük employment
references No matter who receives the delivery, avoid paying the ongoing payment compensation.

13) Unless agreed in writing between the parties, the dec and songs may not be subject to any additional or modified dec.

14) Who receives and delivers the goods 3. In the pursuit of the compensation rights they have against individuals, it is necessary to show each other the necessary facilities and give each other power of attorney at their rates and it is difficult to assign their rights to litigation; the trial expenses will be shared within this rate.

15) Vehicles will not go abroad without the permission of the vehicle owner's documentary.

16) Bursa court enforcement offices are authorized for Violations to be taken from this delivery form between the decommissioner and the deliverer of the vehicle, as well as for receivables and compensation cases and enforcement proceedings.

17) The rights arising from the delivery and acceptance at the height of the delivery area or the vehicle and the donations and requirements in it do not pay for transfer, assignment and demobilization and cannot be used in a way that damages the delivered. Contrary to this assessment, the owner of the vehicle must pay compensation up to and including the automotive price immediately upon delivery.

C) The delivery area shall be kept close to the rental price in accordance with the tariff determined by the owner of the vehicle and passed on the date of signature, and double the amount to be calculated according to the required amount to be referred to shall be delivered to the vehicle owner as a deposit. The final account is accrued at the end of the delivery period and the balance is analyzed immediately after delivery. The usage fee can be paid in TL or by credit card air /eft, cash or travel with the conversion to be calculated at the Central Bank conversion rate on the payment date. The delivery person can extend the period of their use by notifying them 24 hours in advance, provided that they receive the written consent of the car owner and increase their deposit.

D) In case of any accident or damage, the damage certificate is applied if the written consent for insurance was previously given by the delivery person and the following conditions were met.

1-From the nearest authorized body to the place where the boiler is located (traffic police within the city limits, local police station, gendarmerie outside the city, etc. an accident report and statement indicating the state in which the incident occurred will be made to the police officer, an alcohol report, my personal name and address, as well as similar documents and information, no later than 48 (if you are forty) hours from the date of delivery, and the notice will be made at the depository.
2-If there is no blocking situation detected by the doctor's report of the delivery area, the car owner should be notified of the accident immediately. The delivery area will not interfere with the damaged vehicle in any way whatsoever.
3-The delivery area is subject to delivery due to the vehicle, with damage caused to the vehicle 3.for this reason, the uğurdağ of the sahis is directly responsible for the damage caused by it, sorry for it. 3. the concept of a person also includes people inside the vehicle outside the delivery area. The delivery person is the 3rd for this reason. it accepts and guarantees to save the car owner from the consequences of every round of claims and lawsuits that may be filed by persons against the car owner. Damage to the delivery area is also caused by the vehicle
if the owner is not obliged to bear any responsibility, the delivery person may inform the car owner of any claims and lawsuits that may arise for this reason by waiving their rights in advance.
4-3rd of the car owner. liability for accidents that cause damage to persons is limited only by the financial liability insurance guarantees concluded for the vehicle. Each round of legal questioning above these limits belongs to the delivery area, and the car owner has the right of recourse to the delivery area.
5- All insurances expire after the time specified in the vehicle delivery form.
6-Mallard or mallard transported by accidents caused by a driver who is under the influence of alcohol and stimulants or does not have a passing driver's license is responsible for accidents directly delivered to the buyer.
7-The delivery person is responsible for all kinds of accidents and damages of the vehicle up to the limits specified in the brochure. You can eliminate this problem by paying a daily premium.
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